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Monday, 23 June 2014

Gosport - Trebeurden (20 May 2014)

We left Gosport at 0500 on Friday morning 16 May and after a quiet motor sailing crossing with little traffic (just 5 ships and 2 yachts sighted in 13 hours), 85nm later we tied up in Cherbourg. A bonus was that it was the weekend of the opening of their new marina - so a free stay for regular visitors! On Saturday morning we shopped in the market and saw their other weekend event - vintage American army vehicles as used on the liberation. And French dressed up in WW2 combat gear. They take the liberation of Cherbourg in late June 1944 seriously and this year is the 70th anniversary with a summer of events. We were moored next to a German boat in the marina but thought that we wouldn't mention the event!
On to Guernsey on Saturday afternoon and on a lovely sunny Sunday we enjoyed a day with friends Steve and Dot going over to Sark with a picnic on the boat.
Decided to move on yesterday and spent 11 hours getting to Trebeurden. All uneventful except for the last hour when we enjoyed a thunderstorm with the wind quickly reaching 30kn! We had not long got down the sails as the wind had diminished.
Photo shows a view of Trebeurden harbour at low water. We we enter between the green and red posts at mid tide and above. By then the sea level is about 4 metres higher than in the picture, a little above those square concrete platforms.
Decided to have a rest day today! So an enjoyable walk around the beach and on the hill above Trebeurden.
On to L'Aber Wrac'h or L'Aber Benoit tomorrow,  possibly Chanel du Four on Thursday.

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